TESTIMONIAL - bebe image studio

"…I'm overwhelmed and speechless. Shahla Sepehr Bebe is a true perfectionist and one who without a doubt knows her craft as an incredible photographer. It was a pleasure to have worked with her."


“…I just want to say that you are my favorite photographer in L.A. You have an amazing eye for light and shade and composition. Your work is truly appreciated by this model

Rachel Gordon

“…I want to thank Shalah for the great picture that she took of me. It truly was a great birthday present from my wife. Thanks again,

Dave Rasmussen

“…Thank you for your contribution to the film, for showing up and taking the best pictures though the circumstances were often difficult and the space often crowded and confining.

Thank you.

Richmond, Wednesday Again LLC

Shahla jan, You did a fantastic photography for COVER PHOTO of "Iranian American Professionals Journal" on Tuesday June 5th. Thanks for welcoming us, Iranian Hotline team, to your beautiful and lovely studio, as well as SEVEN well-known Professionals whose photos would be printed on the cover. it was difficult to manage all of them in one photo, and you pulled it off perfectly. Thank you, dear Shahram and dear Shohreh. We all love you and recommend you to everyone!

Shida, Iranian Hotline

“…With warm greetings, I would like you to accept this new book “Crossing the Red Line” as a token of our appreciation at the Department of Women’s Studies at CSUN for your continuous friendship and support of our Phenomenal Women Fundraising event. The nice pictures that you have artistically taken and generously shared with us have helped preserve the fond memories of the event. We look forward to seeing you again at CSUN.

Nayereh Tohidi,

PHD Professor & Chair of Women’s Studies Department California State University, Northridge

“…It's always a pleasure to have a photo session with you. Your work in preparing our office pamphlet was beyond expectation. Our Family portraits have been the best, and we are planning to come back every year. Thanks to your artistic mind and great works.

Fred Laaly D.D.S. and Family

“…Thank you for taking the time to photograph the 13th annual Revlon Run/Walk For Women. We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to help us out with this project. Our teams appreciate the opportunity to capture the experience on images to share with others.

LaSchelle Low,

The Davis Group

“…and continuing on the subject of National Dance Week, I saw these gorgeous photographs on Iranian.com, and am sharing them with you. They are the works of an amazing Iranian woman named Shahla Sepehr Bebe in Los Angeles, and they are a visual feast. Take a look: http://www.iranian.com/Arts/2007/April/Bebe/index.html If you are in Iran, and can't go to Iranian.com, you may go to the artist's website, and click on the "Dance" option to look at these works: http://www.shahlabebe.com/fineart.htm . Hopefully her website isn't filtered yet! I hope you have a good weekend.

From Berkeley, Nazy Kaviani,

“…The photographs from the show were fabulous. Your work is great and what a fabulous website! Thank you so much.


"…Shahla Sepehr Bebe is a true photographer with a keen eye who knows how to capture the secrets of others in her photos."


“…The pictures are really beautiful thanks!!!!

Madeline & Kim